Aggressive Affiliates Review

The reason why I got interested in Aggressive Affiliates is because one marketer behind it – Peter Parks. He’s one of the so called underground marketers who does actual work instead of just selling rehashed stuff. I’ve been watching him on the forums and from the stuff he posted, I knew he knows what he’s talking about. Aggressive Affiliates with Eric Rockefeller is his first high end product that comes to the spotlight.

Aggressive Affiliates is basically a course about CPA and Google Content Network with some extras. That means it teaches you how to promote CPA offers, and how to get dirt cheap traffic from Google Content Network to your offers.Aggressive Affiliates Video

Google Content Network is a very under-rated beast. I know that from the first hand experience. However, not only it can be just as well converting as the search traffic, it is much cheaper (think 1-5 cents per click) – there are thousands upon thousands of websites in the network, the competition is not a major factor anymore.

But eventhough it sounds simple, it’s not. This is the reason why most marketers dismiss it – it’s not the same as search network and requires completely different approach. Aggressive Affiliates teaches that approach.

It’s good that a product focuses on one thing, it really is. It’s easier to learn and get great results by focusing on one thing rather than running amuck from one thing to another. It can decide if you have success or not.

On the other hand, I’m not too sure a course can be complete by focusing only on one thing. That’s what concerns me about Aggressive Affiliates – call me a perfectionist. It’s something to think about nonetheless.

If it wasn’t for Peter Parks, I’d probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to this course. But I’ve been watching him and I know he knows the stuff, so this product will not be just another rehash.

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3 thoughts on “Aggressive Affiliates Review”

  1. Thanks for the real assessment of this product. I’m interested in it as I know how to market, but will definitely learn a thing or two from these two. I have to be honest, I’ve never heard of Peter Parks, but I look forward to learning more. The Content network definitely alludes me! Now the mystery will be solved!

  2. Here are some posts by Peter Parks on jvnotifypro forums:;u=7083;sa=showPosts

    Check out the videos he’s posted. This is where I first found him and why I’m paying attention to this launch.

  3. Admin said ……….It’s easier to learn and get great results by focusing on one thing rather than running amuck from one thing to another. It can decide if you have success or not……………..

    BOY OH BOY do I know this one ! ! Right now I feel like “running amuck” should be my Indian name, or my middle name – – just don’t let it wind up on the tombstone of my endeavors.

    My greatest (total newbie) struggle seems to be deciding with no lingering doubt, exactly what to focus on and what can be totally ignored (at least for now) – – – and the exact order in which to focus on the “Musts”.

    Too many make it sound allllllllllll to easy when they say “they key to success is simple”:
    1. Find a hungry crowd
    2. Give them what they want
    3. Rinse and repeat

    I’m not even close to sure myself yet, but I’m guessing there are dozens and dozens of “details” and skill sets that one must master before any Federal Reserve Notes begin to consistently appear in ones Paypal account / bank acct..

    Had I gone to school for computers and marketing related subjects with some psychology and writing classes around the edges, instead of dropping out and becoming a common delivery driver for the past 25+ yrs – – perhaps all this would be a little more “simple”. Fear not though for this poor struggling sole, as the words “discouraged” and “quit” have been erased from my vocabulary.

    Thank you yet again for the many “golden nuggets” I have found in my time here – – YOU ROCK ! ! !


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