AffiloBlueprint Review

AffiloBlueprint opens the doors again, for anyone who wants to learn how to build affiliate business from scratch, that’s good news.

It’s hard not to turn this review into a praise, but I’ll try. You see, when it comes to teaching people how to do affiliate business and Internet marketing over all, Mark Ling is the guy. This industry has never ever seen before that a guy starts from scratch in front of live audience to create an affiliate website and turn it into a $500/week business. The video of that event is available in AffiloBlueprint.

But that’s just a tiny bit of what AffiloBlueprint is. It is the most complete course you will ever see. It consists of 40 videos that take you by hand and show you how to do everything from coming up with an idea, to creating a website, getting traffic, making profit. Even if you’re a complete newbie, even if you can hardly use a computer, AffiloBlueprint will teach you everything you need to know to start a profitable online business.

The core of the course is starting a profitable website without spending a penny. It teaches how to do SEO to get free traffic to your site, as well as how to get more traffic through PPC. In addition to that, it teaches you e-mail marketing to turn your visitors to returning customers. So to recap, AffiloBlueprint will teach you how to:

  • Find a niche that would be profitable
  • Create a website from scratch, even if you haven’t done that before and don’t know the first thing about it
  • Find good affiliate offers
  • Get free traffic through SEO, and if you choose to, paid traffic through PPC
  • E-mail marketing

Besides the videos and other learning material, it comes with all necessary software, so you literally need only a computer with Internet access.

The Pros

  • Learn to create profitable affiliate websites from scratch
  • You don’t have to know absolutely anything about affiliate marketing, Internet marketing over all, or how to create websites
  • The process is good to use many times over and over again, you can create as many affiliate websites as you like
  • The process is easy step-by-step process, it can even be outsourced
  • If you’re an advanced marketer, you can give it to your staff to create profitable sites for your business

The Cons

With all due seriousness, I’ve spent all last night trying to think of any drawback to AffiloBlueprint. I have never imagined to say this about any product, but AffiloBlueprint is hands down perfect affiliate marketing training course that has literally no drawbacks. The only reason I can think of why people would not use this opportunity to get it before it closes again, is because they simply are successful with what they do and have no time. Even then though, as I mentioned, the process that it teaches is easy to outsource and add yet another income stream to your business.

Over all, AffiloBlueprint is just the best affiliate marketing training course that I recommend to everyone who wants to start making money online and has never done it before, and everyone who is looking to add another great income stream to their online business.

Visit AffiloBlueprint website.

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  1. I know Mark since 2006, and I must say that there is not a lot of marketers that do what Mark does. And he is totally under the radar.

    As you said, this is an awesome product.



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