AffiliateDotComAffiliateDotCom by Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell is an affiliate marketing course that introduces the so called affiliate marketing 2.0 concept.

Now, what is affiliate marketing 2.0 and how it is different from the classic affiliate marketing? Simply put, the authors of this course define this concept as affiliate marketing combined with list building and email marketing.

If you’ve been around the Internet marketing for a while and took a few courses, you will recognize that using email marketing together with affiliate marketing is nothing new. Marketers have been promoting affiliate products to their lists for years. So there’s nothing new or ground breaking.

However the methods being taught in AffiliateDotCom are solid and are proven to work by many marketers. It shows how to research markets and identify “side doors”, i.e. sub-niches with little competition and leverage them to build a list. It shows how to structure a free offer and how to move the subscribers down the sales funnel.

The key in email marketing is building a relationship with your list by providing the subscribers with valuable information. Then regardless if you’re selling your own products or promote affiliate offers, you can leverage that relationship to sell people what they want.

The course also covers free and paid traffic building techniques as that is another key element and an obstacle that many beginners have to face.

What differentiates AffiliateDotCom from other similar courses is its presentation and how the course is delivered. Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell have clearly put a lot of work into it.

So if the outlined concepts of Internet marketing are rather new to you, you might wanna check this course out.

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