Affiliate Scalper

This is an entry for Affiliate Scalper, a traffic generation and monetization software by Kelvin Houghton.

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Scalper”

  1. I purchased Affiliate Scalper (and an upsell – which was not the same developer’s product) and spent some time setting things up but got stuck at one point and could get no further. I fired off email to developer and got an automated response to contact through a ticket system, which I did. I know it was over the Xmas holiday period – but I didn’t get a reply to my ticket. I sent off yet another ticket but got no reply. After several days I asked for my money back; the developer sent me an email (and closed the Clickbank ticket) telling me to register and wait for his netcast. Since this broadcast time was scheduled at a time when I would be working (several days later), and since the developer made no effort to answer my original problems, I applied again for a refund. This was forthcoming. I was annoyed that the developer made no effort to help when I was willing to put effort into making his product work.


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