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Yesterday I got an email about a new service called Affiliate Jump. The first thing that caught my interest was that Mike Filsaime is involved in it, second is because it does something I wished there was a service for before. It involves CPA.

CPA networks are big today. Not having to sell anything to make money is a great business model. You get your commission for your visitors simply registering for a free offer (or sometimes free trial offer). Many marketers are making a killing with CPA. The problem is though, the CPA networks set the entry bar so high that a beginner can forget about the whole CPA thing altogether. And that’s a shame, because it really is the easiest way to make money online, especially when you’re starting out.Affiliate Jump Video

I always wondered what if there was a service to set you up with a CPA network for a fee. That way even the folks that are just starting out could enjoy the benefits of CPA without them costing an arm and a leg to enter. After all, making commission without selling is exactly the thing a beginner would want to do to start out.

It’s no wonder then, that finally someone has done exactly this. Mike Filsaime and Joe Holland have created Affiliate Jump which removes the biggest obstacle in CPA completely – by joining Affiliate Jump for a fee, you get access to thousands of offers from different CPA networks and you don’t have to worry about any application whatsoever.

But it doesn’t end there. The service also includes some very convenient tools for your CPA marketing efforts:

  • A website builder with hosting which allows you to create a website to promote CPA offers with a few clicks of a button. You can select the offers, select a website template, write some copy or use the default and you can start sending traffic to it. This is an awesome tool to test offers quickly.
  • Widgets to add offers quickly to your existing sites.
  • List building tool that’s integrated to the websites you build with Affiliate Jump along with offers you promote. That means using the traffic a lot more effectively than just sending it off to the offers.
  • Training material.

All these tools and the fact that you skip dealing with CPA networks directly really sound good, especially for the novices.

My concern, though, is the control you lose over the convenience. You see,  you don’t have to deal with the networks anymore, but that also means that Affiliate Jump will control all your relationships with the networks as well as your earnings. That also means should anything happen to Affiliate Jump or you account with the service, you’d lose all your CPA assets just like that. The easiest thing doesn’t always mean the best thing for you.

Also, there is the monthly fee involved, which means you better make CPA work for you, no messing around here. Considering that the beginners are the ones who will benefit from this service the most, it’s a bit of a responsibility on their shoulders.

Despite my concerns, I like it. I wanted to see such service to be created and there you have it. If you want to try CPA marketing but you can’t get accepted to any CPA network, Affiliate Jump is your solution.

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  1. I like the way you point out some of the problems that driving all your CPA traffic through one network might create. A lot of people might overlook the importance of still maintaining solid relationships with other major players in the industry, i.e. hydra,neverblue,clickbooth,etc…

  2. It sounds like CPA Arbitrage to me …
    is that even allowed by the networks ?? ide like to see EXACTLY what offers are available ..and what my commissions would be compared to going direct with the Affiliate Network offers in question…. and another thing… who am I building a list for ?? MF?? gotta ask yourself these questions folks… by the way I already know all these answers..
    –thats my 2 cents.


  3. Nice review, and covers all the advantages of Affiliate Jump really well.

    It’s a great place for the newbie CPA marketer to wet his feet. Perhaps later, with some experience under his belt, he can move on to the more independent CPA networks.

    But from what I’ve seen so far, I can’t see why anyone would want to move on. I believe that Affiliate Jump is going to stand the test of time and be around for many many years to come.

    Mike Filsaime and Joe Holland are going to kick some a…….., that’s for sure.

  4. I am not sure about affiliate jump yet, I cannot find the training videos mentioned. There about about 7 videos that I have found under learning center on the dashboard. In the videos it states he will get into the topic further in other videos. Are they videos that are to come in the future? I bought affiliate jump to go through training now. I cannot find any oher videos or any real comprehensive lessons or instructions.

  5. My experience with Affiliatejump :
    They do not answer when you submit a support ticket.
    The program is extremely expensive ; I chose the 99.95 $ option (monthly). The first time you have to pay 200 $ extra (account setup & activation fee);
    you’ll get it back when you earn 1000 $ in commissions within 6 months (not automatically – you’ll have to ask for it)
    For 39.95 per month you can make 4 webpages, for 89.95 you can make 16 pages and 100 pages cost 99.95 $ per month.
    AffiliateJump has bought some domainnames ; you can only create subdomains (only if your competition hasn’t created it before)
    One big problem : the domains aren’t live yet ; so aren’t the subdomains, which means you cannot promote your webpages (and therefore you’ll earn nothing)
    Every page shows 3 offers max.
    If you live outside the US, you cannot see (or check) the offers you make (you’re shown the same page for free animated cursors over and over again) which means you cannot send most
    offers to your non-US list.
    Every page you make, has a small opt-in form where your visitors can subscribe for more info. These e-mail adresses are not added to your list however, which means you pay these people
    a lot of money every month to build their list.
    More problems with the program :
    – Settings can be altered, but are not saved
    – Learning area : only video’s, nothing in writing
    – Affiliate link does not work (you cannot subscribe, even if you wanted to)
    – Bonuses link does not work (so they cannot be downloaded )
    Hope this helped !

  6. So far a horrible experience. They won’t respond to ANY support questions.

    The web site tool is a joke and attempting to customize any of the copy is utterly impossible.

    They claim to have partnered with numerous advertizers when it would appear that these advertizers are coming from Neverblue’s network. The widget tool that allows you to create a widget for your ad is not functioning properly in IE. It also forces you to use the embedded Affiliate Jump logo in all of your ads. Of course you don’t get paid by promoting their product. LOL

    A refund is in order. The service does not deliver.

  7. Thank you for this review and thank you everyone for the comments. I have been looking at many of these types of offerings, including affiliatejump. They seem to use a lot of promises but little clarification. I too have opened tickets with affiliate jump. Only one received a reply. I asked about their business model. How do they make money outside of the monthly fee. Am I leaving money on the table because they are taking a piece off the top?

    Here is the reply:

    “This isn’t really the forum to ask questions about our business model. This is more for technical support and beta testing. Feel free to contact our founders on twitter or other channels for other questions.”

    Twitter? There are some many business level questions that need answered that twitter will not work. What other channels? Is there no phone number? Somewhere?

    I appreciate the comment that says you are tied to them and if they have a problem, you have a problem. Will they increase the price after you have web sites setup and earning money. If you stop paying the monthly fee, do you lose the websites you have already set up? Is the hosting really free, or is it tied to to the monthly payments? Can I use my hosting company and be less dependent on them? Am I really building their list?

    Creating a dependency in your business with another company that doesn’t provide answers to simple business questions or have a phone number truly concerns me.

    Frankly, I am getting really frustrated with the selling of products with out the professional courtesy of providing real answers before buying.

    Please post any recommendations of companies that offer a true business relations with the internet marketing products they sell. Thanks.

  8. Well that’s just a pity. Good idea, poor execution, I guess. Maybe, just maybe they will take the feedback and fix the issues eventually.

    I can imagine they’re now flooded with emails, so I wouldn’t count on them responding soon.

    Unfortunately, this is all oh so familiar – an unfinished, untested product sold in huge volumes while failing to keep up with the support requests. That happens way too often in this industry.

  9. I can’t believe how bad this service is. I’m experiencing the same problems. It’s unusable!!!

    Everyone knows that when you first launch a service customer service is KEY in the early stages. Perhaps Mike is under the impression that creating a software application is equal to creating a self service marketing squeeze page………. just toss it out and pray that it “sticks”? 🙂 Perhaps he is so far in over his head with customer complaints that he curled up somewhere hoping it will all just go away? We will never know the answers to these questions because we can’t get any answers.

    This is so far beyond underdelivering. Really, I have never felt so burned as I do now.

  10. I have been very frustrated so far with this site. None of the site building tools work. I cannot for the life of me create even the most rudementary site. I have sent several tickets to their support staff with no response.. If this doesn’t get rectified PDQ I will be looking for a full refund via PayPal dispute If I have to.

  11. Thank you guys for your feedback and experiance. I almost got my credit card to sign up but I am thankful I found this. I have been curious about CPA but I will wait and do some research to find more. I am sure you can find some god networks without paying huge monthly fees.

  12. They asked if I wanted my money back 🙂
    After I posted lots of comments on forums
    After I opened a dispute (Paypal)
    After I filed a complaint with the New York BBB
    After I sent an email to Mike Filsaime’s personal e-mailaddress
    I keep sending e-mails till they paid me back
    Did they need our money to start up a new business ?

  13. Wow I’m so glad I came to see your comments. Thanks to all you for the 411 on this Mike Filsaime scam. One thing that hit me hard when I saw this program promoted by another IM guy was that it sounded like they were going to completely over-saturate their CPA network. Not only are they trying to upsell to their $99 a month program for 100 webpages ( so that’s 300 offers) but some of his IM buddies are offering to give you the very same program to sell also, thereby totally saturating the heck out of it. You’re basically already competing against a zillion other people and on top of that they’re actually encouraging you to sell it to even more people so they can also compete against you. Unbelievable.

    What chance does the average person paying $39 a month (plus the hefty $200 fee) have of making any real money? Not much, me thinks.

    The other thing that caught my attention is that I didn’t see any real money back guarantee. Only something about making $1000 within 6 months to get your money back. Well what if you don’t make that $1K, then you don’t get your money back? That’s insane.

  14. Watch out for the affiliates trying pawn this junk off to their mailing lists. Also, quite amusing seeing the Blogger’s Workshop author deleting all of the comments from unhappy customers over the past couple of days after a flurry of negative posts in response to his “objective” review….. embedded with affliliate links to sign up for Affiliate Jump. LOL. I had one of my long time coaches send me a link to this junk last week and I wrote him back telling him he should be ashamed of himself.

    Affiliate marketing gets a bad rap…….. because it deserves to get a bad rap. While most used car salesmen are honest a few have given the whole lot a bad reputation. A shame.

    If you are new to this type of online marketing or experienced and looking for a way to rapidly get sites out without having to go through an approval process AVOID this at all costs. It’s a shame that Neverblue had to get wrapped up in this as I’ve always respected their offering.

  15. Regarding the e-mailaddresses they take from you :
    This is the answer I got :

    “The emails addresses from subscriptions are designed to increase conversions for you. When someone subscribes, they are emailed content that are specific to that niche website which contains links back to your website with their affiliate code.

    All mailings to subscribers from your site will contain your affiliate links thereby giving you the benefit of a list without the work of maintaining it. They will never be mailed anything other than links to your website if they subscribed there.”

    1) This person’s native language isn’t English I guess. Mine isn’t but I only understand that they feel I’m too stupid to build a list and send my customers an email.
    2) I want my list, it’s mine!
    3) Took a look at the code and compared my site to a competitor’s and the emailaddresses go to 1 same autoresponder ; even the ID is the same

    Most “gurus” don’t promote this anymore and have their own CPA product
    PPC is impossible
    SEO of the sites = 0

  16. Phebe,

    Just to be fair, creating a list for you is not a bad thing as building a site for you isn’t. Some can do it, others can’t. Those who can, do it themselves, others might as well have it done for them.

  17. admin, you’re right
    but I tested it, and this the signature :

    Thank You,

    Airpost Delivery, 3555 Vets Hwy, MarketingDotCom, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA

    This is not my address, but Mr Filsaime’s

    Why not tell the customers what the programm does or not does ?

    Why not give us the choice to build a list or not ?

    I would have staid and would have been willing to pay a lot more if I hadn’t been lied to

  18. Phebe, the post address is only there to comply with CAN-SPAM, it doesn’t matter whose it is. What you should be looking for is if the links in the emails have your aff id, so that you get credit for anything sold through them.

  19. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!! Phebe – – you rock … thank you for all of your diligence and having on top of it, the wherewithal to take the extra time to make your posts on here to help others ! ! That’s awesome.

    I am so very new to this whole IM world, not scared (well a little) – not discouraged – not quitting EVER – BUT I don’t know as I could really express with mere words how helpful it is to find a site like this with REAL people who REALLY care about being helpful to others, and appear to know a good deal about that which they speak of. I wish I knew where to connect better with you, and to find more of you !

    My greatest appreciation for a site like this, is the ability to learn about what NOT to promote. As I begin my career as an online marketer – one of my biggest personal priorities is to NEVER EVER be responsible for putting people into some of the situations described above.

    Very best wishes to ALL OF YOU – – – and THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks for all your input, everybody! I considered Affiliate Jump, but only for a minute. Why? Because Mike Filsaime was a big disappointment with other products. Also, he trained Keith Wellman, and that’s another horror story! I had a terrible time with his inferior product, VIP Autopilot , and read many negative comments on the Warrior Forum–too late. I had to get into a livestream webinar–after months of begging for help, getting no support, and then more months requesting a refund– to actually get a refund! One of his affiliates helped me in the end. I will NEVER buy anything again from Mike or Keith Wellman. I’m not a negative person, or a “refunder”, but I’m just sick of gurus or wannabes taking advantage of customers. That’s my two cents!

  21. The saga never ends. I still haven’t gotten my $$$ back from these guys as well as not ONE single response to any of my original questions to them. Of course as Affiliate Jumps launch has blown up there has been more “marketing” garbage, wrapped in amateurish excuses, from Mike Filsaime that barely scratch the surface on just how screwed up this application is.

    I got a “form letter” with a no return mail that said the following: “First off, please excuse the delay in having contacted you as a Charter member. It’s an embarrassing story of a last minute FTP overwriting the autoresponder code just prior to launch. (Yes, “guru’s” make simple & dumb mistakes too.)”

    Total rubbish that has little to do with the extent of how screwed up this application is. Mike should stick to marketing and let someone else develop an application because it’s clear he hasn’t the slightest idea as to what he is doing. Applications are not “marketing videos” or junk “e-books” you can pawn off as subjective in quality. Applications either work or they don’t and the marketing message doesn’t match the product.

    Call it what you will, but as one who has actually designed and released software into the real world I’d at the least call this one of the most irresponsible launches I’ve seen in a long time. A characteristic of either someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or doesn’t care perhaps?

    Anyone worth their salt knows you need to provide good customer support for your “early adopters” (in this case unpaid Beta Testers). They have ZERO customer support and are trying to target newbie’s? An outstanding way to piss people off. LOL

    1. Site navigation is piss poor
    2. The so called “web sites” are so confining that you can even construct a basic squeeze page, let alone a paragraph.
    3. (This one is funny) Their widgets have the Affiliate Jump logo embedded in them so you are FORCED to essentially promote their crappy offering within any of the widgets you use for your site or blog.
    4. Widget editing tool is broken
    5. Where are the advertizers coming from? The affliate links all seem to point through Neverblue. Gee, I thought that Affliate Jump has all of these “partnerships”. LOL

    Mike’s video, marketing the offering to saps like me, is A++. LOL

    My recommendation for affiliates would be to avoid. My recommendation to Affiliate Jump would be to close the doors, retool, and relaunch.

  22. @ Joe : don’t give up, keep submitting support tickets ; you’ll get a full refund eventually.
    Got my money back, but I can still login …
    @ admin : thank you for your reviews ! (Came back for the Magic List Bot review)

  23. Hello Everyone,

    First off thank you all for your honest and blunt experiences it has made me one person who will never associate with any product of service tied to these gentlemen in any way. I wanted to point out an irony that occurred in my email in box today. I got an email from [Affiliate Jump] and it looks as they are resorting back to affiliate marketing themselves to in my option perhaps to earn enough money to fix Affiliate Jump and make it what it truely could be if someone really put the time, effort, passion, and most of all TESTING into it .

    I want to thank you all as I was ready to purchase this today but in doing my due diligence found out almost what I could have predicted from all the vague videos and vague marking, creating mystery and getting people intersted is a great practice but you must over deliver in my oppion when you do such a thing as I am a struggleing single father trying to earn extra money to keep up safe and comfortable durring these hard times and even more once things do approve.

    Just to share with you I have been having pretty good success marketing to mobile devices, iphone, palms,, etc and it has been going well and I am about to pull out of adwords all together and run a compairson test to the conversion ratio vs. over all cost, commissions, cpc and have a very good feeling once I ramp it up if anyone is intersted I believe my link did get posted if not let me know.

  24. P.S. from me again,

    @ Admin, I would like to join this forum and I am having trouble location the link to join would you be kine enough to point me in the right direction.

    Best Regards,


  25. Hi Darrin,

    I’m ashamed to admit, but there’s no way to register on this site. Well, as a matter of fact there’s nothing to register for. You’re free to post comments without registering and you can subscribe via RSS for updates.

  26. In reading all of the above comments, it has only validated my own experience with Affiliate Jump. I too was lured in by the promise of automatic access to all offers and ready built websites. However, once I joined, I realized what a joke these websites were, and there were only a total of 330 offers on all of Affiliate Jump. In addition, most, if not all of these offers paid out less than the same offers on other CPA networks. That kind of tells me that Affiliate Jump was skimming money off the top, IN ADDITION to the monthly fees we were paying.

    The software was full of bugs, and didn’t even work correctly under Internet Explorer. Support’s solution to that was to use Firefox or Google Chrome. How can they design a system that doesn’t even work under the most heavily used web browser on the planet?

    After about two weeks of messing around with Affiliate Jump, I wrote to support and asked for a full refund. They ignored me. A week later I wrote to them again and threatened to expose them to the whole Internet Marketing community if they didn’t give me a full refund ASAP. This time I got my refund.

  27. Hello,

    Thanks a lot all of you who exposed affiliate jump. I actually believed that Mike Filsaime was ok. Anyone Internet Marketer who recommend him in anyway will be put on my black list (Mike Filsaime is on the darkest list of them all).

  28. so, did anybody make any money on affiliate jump. just wondering! i mean there about 15 peoples upset about affiliate jump here. so, did you make any money or did you just give up on it.before you even try. please don’t cuss or get mad at me. i’m just asking

  29. Jesus, thanks for writing in the problems with this system, saw it today and wanted to join so bad, but like I always do before I buy anything , I researched it, thanks again.

  30. I bought this program and it is complete and utter crap!

    Living outside of America none of the sites work so I cannot make any money with it.

    I filed a complaint with Paypal who will do nothing because the product is not an actual product, but a service. You will not get any money back from Paypal.

    All of the promotions are selling high competition products such as dating, acai berry, acne, weight loss and the competition is huge.

    Sites that you can create with the system have almost no SEO capability and no one will find them.

    The widgets that I put on my site do not work correctly.

    You cannot tell which products are pay for email address or pay upon referral’s purchase.

    I have heard of some people having their Google Adword accounts closed because this program does not comply with Google terms of service.

    Filsaime’s team just ignore all my messages and put my account on hold.

    I expected Mike to be a reputable seller, but this is a complete scam. I will never use or buy another one of his products ever again.

    Do not waste your money with this product.!


  31. Gee Whiz!!!!!

    Now that we have Mike Filsaime killed and buried . Does anybody know any way to make money on the Internet or is the whole Internet a damned scam?

    Come on, Surely some body knows of a fast easy way to make money on the Internet? Huh, Huh, Huh????

  32. Has anyone checked out Maverick Money Makers? Is it a scam too? I think It looks really good and the videos are clear and simple to follow. Has anyone tried it and made money?

  33. Arbee,

    A fast and easy way to make money? Sell your old stuff on ebay. That’s as fast and as easy as it gets.

    Otherwise this whole Internet business thing takes a load of time and effort to actually learn something and apply it. But first you have to drop the “what do I have to buy to succeed” mentality and adapt the “what do I have to learn to succeed” mentality. You’re not making money by buying, you’re making it by selling.

    Regarding MMM, looks like you’re promoting it, so why don’t you answer that question yourself, that’ll make it easier for you to promote it too.

  34. Thanks guys for posting your feed back on this product I was considering taking up Affiliate Jump but after seeing all of your comments and how bad the service is…. I have made up my mind….

  35. I was thinking of joining AJ, then I found out it was a membership site via the video. The video neglects to tell how often payment is made and there are no links to this information on the site. I was suspicious about the site, although I desperately wanted to believe it was legit. I therefore went over to the Warrior’s Forum and did a search…. all bad reviews.

    The thing is though, all the reviews I’ve been seeing were in 2009. I would have liked to see some more recent reviews attesting to how the system is working NOW. I was hoping the creators would have fixed the bugs in the system and addressed all the customer concerns by now, but as I ran out of material to read, I realized, the good reviews were not going to come and he creators have NOT fixed the system. It has dawned on me that I will do much better steering clear from this software and applying for cpa networks the “old way”, as the guy on the video puts it. Thanks for the added insight all.

  36. With all due respect because he has made a lot of money, whenever I see Mike F affiliated with a product, a warning flag goes up.

    It is probably the support issue more than anything.

    Seems, many ‘guru’s’ could care less as long as they have your money and with Affiliate Jump, Mike and Joe have all the control and you can bet they make a pretty penny off the sales you make alone.

    Good concept but poor execution as far as you the customer.

    Proceed with CAUTION!


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