Affiliate Classroom 2 (2.0) Review

When a big guru like Anik Singal announces a new release of his product the industry is always abuzz. Sometimes it’s just a hype, other times there is something to buzz about indeed. This time it’s Affiliate Classroom 2, the sequel to Anik’s first Affiliate Classroom.

Affiliate Classroom was kind of a big deal. It was known in the industry as one of the most complete courses on affiliate marketing. The students reported quite a success, most of them the classroom being the sole resource they needed. The courses included everything about Internet marketing from the very basics to more advanced topics, technical topics such as HTML and website development. It included video recordings of live seminars and case studies. On top of it all, there were private forums with helpful coaches and other members. Affiliate Classroom 2 Video

This time Affiliate Classroom re-opens with a lot more to offer. The new features include:

  • More courses on affiliate marketing
  • A lot of tools necessary in this game
  • An improved training system
  • Testing and certification

It shows that Anik was not wasting time since opening Affiliate Classroom the first time. But despite all the features, there’s still “what’s in it for me” questions un-answered…

First of all, I’m gonna say that like it’s predecessor, the second version is also geared towards novices – people who want to do something online to make money. It’s a very comprehensive tool, the training takes place monthly and a novice ┬áis sure to learn a lot from the beginning. The success of the first classroom talks for itself.

However, if you’re an advanced Internet marketer, I don’t think there will be much excitement in this product for you. Imagine if you were finishing high school and all of a sudden you were placed in grade one. Well, that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration but the feeling is kind of the same having to re-learn everything you know very well, just to catch a few new tricks. Having said that, revising what you know is only good, especially if you think you can improve certain skills. Especially having in mind that unlike most IM courses of this level, Affiliate Classroom is very affordable.

I don’t think the tools included will surprise you. These tools are again for the novices and meant to complete the course so they don’t have to go out there buying more stuff they presumably need. For any experienced marketer, though, who has most of his tools handy and tools like simple keyword research or site builder aren’t that groud-breaking.

The bottom line is, Affiliate Classroom 2.0 is probably the most complete training available on the Internet at this price level. Anik delivers quality as usual and makes it a bargain. If you’re new to all this Internet marketing world and looking where to start, Affiliate Classroom 2 is definitely a good choice.

By the way, with all the fraud schemes very popular online nowadays and even FTC cracking down on them, being careful is only a good idea. So to end this post I want to assure you, if you don’t know Anik, he’s the real deal. I have bought his products in the past myself and I’m still alive, it’s quality stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Affiliate Classroom 2 (2.0) Review”

  1. Affiliate Classroom 2 will make a big buzz on 11th August and it will shake the world and change the internet business forever, I guess. There are thousand leads generated before the launch day. This project is made to support the poor children.

  2. Hi, I tried to purchased affiliateclassroom but can’t get pass the order button, it doesn’t work and I don’t have any answer from their support desk. What’s going on? It has been like that for 3 days now and I don’t think it’s my computer, I don’t have any problems nowhere else.
    Can you help?

    thank you

  3. Patrick and I having the same problem, the classes don’t function, they won’t return support tickets. I want to just get my credit card from being used.

  4. I’ve had these same issues with the previous Affiliate Classroom, as well as PPC Classroom from Anik, when they just launched. They ironed them out in a matter of week or so then. I would expect that to be case now too.

    That happens everywhere, especially with these $1 promotions when the load is especially big, technically and support wise.

  5. Thank you AGAIN – – for a great and honest review ! Perhaps this is a place I should be.

    QUESTION: How would you say this compares to Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge which is totally free ??

  6. Well, 30dc is awesome as they say. It’s free, it’s got everything to get you started on your way. Some will find it all they need to reach the sky, others may need an extra push.

    Affiliate Classroom is paid, it’s has a monthly membership payment. In exchange it gives you more tools, more in depth training and so on. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed more or less with it than 30dc.

    It’s just something you have to try, I guess, If you want.

    At the end on the day, you have to pick one thing and try to squeeze everything out of it. When and if you feel you’ve squeezed everything out of it, then you can move on to the next one. You’ll be able to make a better judgement then too.

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for so many post at once but I was wondering if anyone has heard of or tried the following program You have all rights to brand and sell it through affiliate programs is you wish, it is based off of a software program that will create sales letters for your company both onlne and offline.
    The creators are Bobby Walker & Adeel Chowdhry.

    Any and all feed back will be greatly appreciated as this is one I am considering, please let me know if there are any warning signs or if anyone has had good or bad experiences with either the creators or the software program itself.



  8. I haven’t tried My Software Business, but there’s one thing I don’t like about any PLR software. You’re buying it along with other 1,000+ guys like you who will try to market it and sell it. And even if only 10% of them actually do something, that makes 100 direct competitors for you. Competitors are usually fine but not when they are selling the exact same thing.

    How are you gonna market it – that’s the question. What’s your USP gonna be? With all that competition you have to be a darn good marketer for not to sink in mediocrity (if you sell anything at all, that is). But if you were that good, you’d know that you’re much better off with a unique product.

    Bobby & Adeel of course show their Mass Article Control case study of an example of what’s possible. But their success was due to something you won’t get from this gig – unique product and good JV partners.

    Now if you’ve bought exclusive rights to a software that no one else but the developers had the rights to, you could potentially make something big out of it.


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