Affiliate Cash Clone

Affiliate Cash Clone by Nadine Jems is a step by step affiliate marketing method.

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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Cash Clone”

  1. To date there are not really many reviews. I seen on Warrior forum one guy Martydee (alias) cant get the videos to work. then I found on a couple of other sites an annoucement made that Clickbank put a delay on the launch of this product but only delayed it for 4 hours. I guess everyone is going to wait first to see who will buy it first and then test it. Well Im one of them.

  2. The product is a scam. I ordered first the affilate clone package. They send me to an other sales pages were you could by automated software (€ 131,-). to make the whole proces easier. However I only came in a members area with a view incompleet video’s and I’ve never seen the software. I’ve sent an e-mail but didn’t get any respons, so DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  3. This is what I posted into the Instant Cash Empire site. Note that Nadines webinar brings up video of Mike Harvey offerring this product. Read on… you can connect the story…

    So thankful I checked you guys out first. I know we are all just genuine people looking for a legitimate opportunity out there. The needle in the haystack just has to be out there somewhere. I want to ask you how did you find this video did it come in an email. Well in the last 2 days Ive been waiting for more reviews on a new launch called Affiliate Cash Clone from Nadine Jems. Not alot of reviews as I surf google yet as people are still wondering or sitting on it until someone can come racing out and saying YES! it works. She or the system sent out an invite to their webinar EDT Wed 8pm. I click into it because I recognise oh this is the Affiliate Cash Clone girl Ill go in and check the webinar out and confirm my seat. Then pops up Mr Mike Harvey with his spiel. Shock horrow he admits to stealing the software. Dont buy from someone that admits to theft and wants to use it for his own gain.(yeah I know he said he wants to help you) If hes capable of doing it once he can do it again and again to You. And if he’s just lying about stealing it thinking that people like us believe wow he has the golden key then hes still a liar and capable of lying again and again to YOU. I am abit disappointed because I was hard core waiting for reviews on Nadine Jems product ACC as many women are not seen to be launching new systems. Coolies a woman. She is bound to get alot of woman followers. Sorry guys Im not totally generalising but if we were to measure the stats woman are more inclined to follow a woman. Well what a good start to her launch. She is affiliated with this Mr Harvey whose program has problems. Mmm I did see a few write ups about the ACC product that its having problems too. Watch these two names.

  4. Do not waste your time. This program is incomplete and the videos do not work. She is more interested in selling other peoples stuff than delivering a decent product. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! It`s garbage.


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