Affiliate Annihilation

Affiliate AnnihilationAffiliate Annihilation is a remake of a now discontinued Internet marketing course 9 to 5 Annihilation.

Why the last product was discontinued is a good question, but Affiliate Annihilation picks up most of what the former product taught and adds some things.

The course is about affiliate marketing and getting traffic through SEO. There are two different models that it teaches – an authority site model, and a “one keyword” site.

A “one keyword” site is a site that has a keyword specific domain name, and its purpose is to rank on Google for that one keyword. Often such a site promotes a single product and targets the product name keyword. The main benefit of this method is fast ranking on Google and highly targeted traffic. On the down side, the traffic is limited and may not be evergreen.

An authority site model is a long term business model. It takes a while to create such a site, but it can grow big and last virtually forever. The downside is that it takes a lot of patience to see it grow and get results.

Affiliate Annihilation also includes software to help with some tasks of this kind of affiliate marketing, as well as link packages for SEO.

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