A Guide for Internet Marketing Newbies

If you’re looking to internet marketing as a way to supplement your income, you will be thankful that you read this.

I believed the ‘gurus’ too…

I bought so many different courses and products, all of them promising to stuff my pockets with cash. I fell for the slick sales pages and videos. I got suckered, just like so many others.

Needless to say I was VERY frustrated! I knew there had to be a way to use the internet to help me bring in some extra money.

I discovered that it CAN be done, just not with some of the junk that is out there. Today I’d like to share a few points of wisdom with you. This is my gift to you, the newbie. (It’s okay to be a newb. We were ALL newbies at some point…)

1. Research BEFORE you buy…!

When you’re thinking of buying a product, STOP! Don’t go to that sales page just yet! Do a search on it and check out some review sites. Actually, check out a LOT of review sites.
You’ll see that a lot of these ‘review’ sites are simply pre-sell pages, trying to get you to buy through their links. You might also notice that some of them have the exact same wording in their articles!

I recently search for a particular product and was shocked at what I saw. Almost EVERY single PAGE had the same script! Actually there were three variations, but almost ALL of them were EXACTLY the same! Only one guy bothered to write any additional content for his site. Everyone else just slapped up a fast page.

They obviously didn’t know anything about the product they were selling. And if a post or review is hard to read and looks ‘weird’, chances are it’s a ‘spun’ article and wasn’t written by a person. It might have been POSTED by a person, but that’s probably about it.

Usually, you’ll find genuine reviews if you keep looking. If you don’t, sometimes it’s worth waiting a week to see what others have to say about a product before you decide to buy it.

2. Look for free services and software as much as you can…

You’re going to need a lot of tools to help you get your internet business started. You’re likely going to need hosting, an auto-responder, keyword tools and the like. You might even need a ‘shopping cart’ service. It all depends on what you want your site to be.

As with any business, you’re going to have to spend a few bucks here and there.
But there are a lot of good, inexpensive resources out there, as well as a lot of free ones. Software tools to help with various tasks, and training resources that can be found in a number of places. Just remember, ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘best’, and you’ll still want to research them first to see if they have value for you and your business.

3. Be patient…

We’ve all seen the claims of overnight riches, but it usually doesn’t happen that way. Some of you might find the perfect product for the perfect niche, or even create your own product and make a ton of money right out of the gate. Most times, though, that’s not how it goes.

But if you build a site that makes $30 bucks a day, you can build another one, can’t you? Replication is key. Most folks will not get rich with one website. But if you had hundreds of sites, well, that would be a different story, wouldn’t it?

4. Be organized…

I can’t tell you how important it is to be organized as much as possible. With everything you’ll be doing, before you know it you could have user accounts at 50 different sites with different passwords for each one! Not to mention all of the software tools you’ll be using, as well as article sites to submit to, RSS sites, the list goes on! Add a few more things like tracking your sales and expenses and you can imagine how you might get lost if you’re not organized.

It’s not as hard as it sounds, but you can’t be lazy about it. All that information can get scattered if you’re not careful. Just make sure you keep information organized in a way that makes sense to you. Establish a system for yourself so that you can get to things quickly and easily.

5. Secure your computer and make backups of everything…

I found this out the HARD way. I got hacked and my computer and everything on it was potentially at risk. I spent days going to all of my bank and credit card sites, changing passwords, dumping email accounts and setting up new ones, etc., etc…

After THAT was finished I still had to make my computer more secure so that it couldn’t happen again. Finding the best anti-virus software, endless scans, even learning how to use encryption to secure my computer and my internet connections. I don’t mind telling you that it scared me a bit.

Securing your system and making backups is something that everyone should be doing already, but it’s even more important when you’re ENTIRE business is on your computer.

Don’t take chances. And don’t let a hacker or a hard drive crash destroy your business. It could take a long time to put it all back together.

These are some of the things I learned VERY early in my affiliate marketing ventures. But above all, the number #1 rule for newbies…

Remember the old adage, – “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” –
Those words still ring true, and even more-so on the internet, so it seems. Trust me, I wanted to believe these guys and their claims of rapid riches, too. They play on our emotions to get us to buy their snake oil, and some of them do it quite well.

There ARE a lot of products out there that actually do what they say and CAN help you reach your goals. But don’t take out your wallet until you’ve researched a product FIRST!

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration, not to mention a lot of money. And you’ll be pleased to know that there is a growing community of internet marketers who have a genuine interest in helping others, like myself.

There’s one more thing that is CRITICAL to understand.

You’ll only be successful if you’re SERIOUS and you TAKE ACTION! While the internet is powerful and there is a huge world-wide market we can tap into, it’s still going to take some effort on your part. The biggest lie of the ‘gurus’ is that you can push some ‘magical’ button and riches will begin flowing to you like leaves on a stream.

Stop looking for the ‘magic’ button. Approach internet marketing as a REAL business, one that you can (and WILL..) grow over time.

So there are a few of my tips for newbies. Feel free to visit my site through this page. It’s new, but there’s going to be a lot more content very soon! Resources and training to help you get started right, as well as REAL product reviews. Maybe even a little inspiration sprinkled in for good measure!

Don’t give up. You CAN do it. There are people out there, myself included, who want to help you as much they can.

And your thought for the day…

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.”

If this information was useful to you in some way, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Thank you for reading,

7 thoughts on “A Guide for Internet Marketing Newbies”

  1. Wow, what a great report–wish I had read it 3 months ago. All of the negative things mentioned I too have had as a “newbee”. My wife (a consulting CPA) is so disgusted she had stop investing more than $30 week. And this is for a short time only as we have wasted too much money to date. I may need to take up something like Robert Allen system posting links for a 100 bucks a day sure thing $ in future to recover some of our losses, then come back later into the main-stream again hopefully some what “recovered” and WISER! I hate the negative “up-sell”!!!.

    Thanks for the great report–Tom Cavanaugh

  2. Thank you very much for your post. It is really helpful for us, the newbie one in the world of hypes and scams. I am two months old internet marketer, and there were a lot of time after visiting the sales pages I just wanted to buy their products immediately.

  3. All I did was open an e-mail and I listened to it – I have ignored this guy for months- of course it sounded too good to be true- I personally have never been beat on any online scams things because I NEVER believed any of it no matter what it was. But the thing about this is I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS !!! But now that I have been reading all these reviews and what have turned out to be scams for the most part – I hate to say this BUT I WISH I COULD DO WHATEVER THIS IS. I have gone from 6 digit income with my own business A beautiful home, security for my future and a car that was completely paid off- to now – My physical condition deteriorated so badly that I lost my last client in Nov 2010 after 8 years The economy is so bad I had to live off of my savings because there are no jobs- I ran out in Feb and am going to court for eviction on April 26th 2011– What ever this marketing thing is I want to know more– NOT BECAUSE IT’S mad fast money but because I can sit down and do it I can stop and rest- I can do it from home if I am too weak to get dressed and drive– I don’t mind working at all I might even hate how boring it would be to do But I am no longer able to work in the mainstream due to my condition I am extremely aggressive otherwise—-and my brain functions like rapid fire when ever something intrigues me I want to know more – everything really — WHERE CAN I FIND OUT THE MOST BASIC STARTER INFORMATION — after WIKIPEDIA ? Anyone ?

  4. Thanks, this echoes my own experience very well. Left brain – I knew that the claims were hype and exaggeration, but right brain wanted to believe in them. A lot of time spent dreaming and jumping from idea to idea, spinning my wheels. Now I’m settling down and trying to focus. Good advice.

  5. Thanks for the report …… I learnt the hard way but…. I havnt wasted too many $$$$ I tried just a few get rich quick trials…..found they didnt work and now am going the long way with the help of a program I bought in the first place.
    Only found your site after all these purchases but will be doing far more research now. Again thank you!

  6. There are many more scams online than there are legit products and services. Some say the ratio is like 10 scams to 1 legit.

    The problem I see is when I search for reviews of the product, almost always the reviews are done by affiliates. Unless they have a post of how they are doing with the product in terms of making money, it’s hard for newbies or experienced to really know the product if it works as the owner says it does.

    Like the saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Be an affiliate if it is free. And advertise as hell like everyone else.

  7. I have run into the same thing many times. I will read e-books and articles and watch videos, then sort out what I think is good or bad. I keep the DELETE key handy. I have made this rule: I don’t want anybody’s software! I don’t care if it is only a dollar or even FREE. My point is that after months of promoting ClickBank offers and getting no traffic and no sales, I felt that there was something not right here. I noticed a lot of software that claimed to be “BlackHat”, “Underground”, etc. and started wondering if folks were really intercepting orders going to ClickBank and changing the Affiliate ID before it get to ClickBank. (I have to wonder why anyone with a successful illegal business would want to tell the world about it.). Therefore I started reading about Hacking websites. WOW, what an awaking. It seems that there are a lot of newbies out there making web sites that know nothing about security that it is a lay down to steal their business. Admittedly, I am guilty also. Something as simply as uploading your site and forgetting to change the Priorities back to 6-6-6 when you leave. That leaves the site open to anyone to go in and change your code. The easy thing to change is the ClickBank ID. Who would ever notice? Or if they want to cloak the change, they simply create the code in invisible writing, ie, white type on a white background. I have even seen some programs for sale that even ask for your ClickBank ID. Well, gee, why not give them your Social Security number while you are at it????

    Well enough of that, but you get my point, security is something very few talk about.


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