5 Ways to Market Yourself as a Writer

It’s probably one of the few professions that is recession-proof because no matter what happens, people will still tune in to the web to check out what’s going on with the rest of the world and to get their daily dose of social networks and blogs. Writing may not be a very lucrative career but it does more than pay the bills. And as long as you stay current and continue to find ways to market yourself, you don’t have anything to worry about. Marketing yourself as a writer is not that hard as long as you make the effort to do it consciously by:

  • Maintaining a current blog: If you’re a writer without a blog, you’re probably not serious about what you do. A blog or your own website is a writer’s best tool to showcase what you’re capable of. It’s very easy to set up and maintain and costs almost nothing except your time and effort, but the returns you gain from writing regularly on your own pages are tremendous. Clients usually check out the quality of writing on your blog and then decide whether to hire you or not.
  • Staying active on social networks: Maintaining a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks is a great way to let people know you’re in the business of writing and to provide them with access to your work and contact information in case they have an assignment for you. It’s not enough to just get on these social networks; you have to also be active on them and update your pages on a regular basis for people to take you seriously.
  • Publishing widely: The Internet provides you with various ways to gain free publicity when you’re a writer – you could contribute quality articles to sites that publish them for free and also add a link to your website or blog if they’re worthy, or you could ask blog owners to let you post on their site as a guest in return for a link back to your own site. The more you spread your name around, the higher your popularity soars.
  • Advertising: While most writers are not too keen on paying for publicity, there are ways to do this without seeming like you’re tooting your own horn. Your clients could provide testimonials of your work and leave them on your social networks where others are able to see them and then get in touch with you based on their recommendations. Find ways that don’t cost much to advertise your work if you want people to remember you as a writer when they have copywriting needs.
  • Maintaining quality in your work: Although this is last, it is the most important aspect of all when you’re a writer – if you don’t keep up the quality of your work, you’re not only going to find it hard to find new clients, you’re probably going to end up losing your existing clients as well. So no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to keep up the good writing or all your marketing efforts will amount to nothing.

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  1. This is really great. The exact points to do – awesome!
    And this is nice to find some honest “what to do” in Internet. Thank you, Bailey!
    And one article from me: I can’t not to share with you – there are also several honest marketing advices!

  2. Some nice tips out there!
    Getting recognized on the internet world needs work to be done and putting up some noise (advertisement ).
    Well explained


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