5 Minute Membership Sites

5 Minute Membership Sites5 Minute Membership Sites by Justin Mitchie is a product for those who have wanted their own membership site but have been put off by the amount of time and effort involved, or by the technical expertise that is required. It is a plug and play system that allows you to set these types of sites up in 5 minutes as you get on with the job of driving traffic to them.

All that is involved in creating one of these new sites with 5 Minute Membership Sites is clicking a few buttons in order to get set up. Justin has spent a long time developing this course and software in order to give you everything that you need in order to make it work without having to go try out different scripts and sales letters. All of the content, sales copy, graphics and training are provided and there is an also a section on driving traffic that you can use to start making money for yourself right away.

If you are starting out in online marketing or if you are looking for a new angle to make money membership sites have a number of advantages over other methods that are currently available. For a start you will not have to bother with things like Google adsense or trying to work out what the Google algorithm is going to do next to your site. As opposed to selling an eBook online which can be difficult and unpredictable, a membership site gives you a steadier baseline every month to work off and your revenue is more predictable. As long as you keep your members on board with good content you can make a real go of it in this business.

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