48 Hour Cash Club

48 Hour Cash Club48 Hour Cash Club by Vick S is a comprehensive guide to making money online.

Vick S is one of Saj P’s students whom most you of will probably be aware of on the internet marketing scene as one of the well known marketers with multiple product launches behind him.

The 48 Hour Cash Club has to be one of the more comprehensive guides to making money online and, according to the author, the feedback from the beta testing (which was mostly made up of newbies online) has been very good. The new product is now being touted as the “most respected money-getting club online” by the initial users and it essentially contains the same formulas that Saj P has been using in his own money making business online.

The core of the this product, in addition to the content in the members area is 120 hours of HD video that will train you in all areas connected with internet marketing. There are essentially seven core modules that will be covered that will take you through everything from getting traffic, to list building, to the ins and outs of CPA marketing. Later on you will progress to learning more about product creation before you learn the secrets to earning a solid income. You will also pick up valuable info on how the mindset and psychology involved in this business can spell out the difference between success and failure online.

In addition to all the training provided you will also be given the tools that you need to make it work in the form of automated sales funnels for specific Clickbank products and highly converting landing pages and banner ads, to name a few items included inside.

It’s rare that a product comes out that covers all the angles with extensive training and provides you the extra support in the form of actual tools that you can use to promote your products as well. On both these counts the 48 Hour Cash Club delivers more than a lot of the other comparable products out there on the market right now.

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  1. I have requested that Vick honor his pledge 60 day money back guarntee when I caceled my accout. After a week still no reply. HE HAS TAKEN MY MONEY AN RAN!!

  2. Use the benefits of Clickbank and request it from them… that’s about the only way you’ll get your guarantee from most vendors anyway.


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