3 Highly Effective Back Linking Strategies To Rank Higher

The biggest problem today is finding new and effective ways to get back links to rank your website on page 1. Most of us know the power of article marketing and yes, you should continue to utilize that as part of your overall link building strategy. Many know about the power to leverage our time and productivity using software like, an article rewriter. But, are there untapped back linking strategies that many main stream internet marketers don’t use? Read on to discover 3 additional and powerful ways to get more seo link juice.

Gov and Edu links

Believe it or not, many people really are not aware of the power of getting back links from .edu and .gov sites. Now, be warned, they are not that easy to get because there are so few compared to the amount of other websites. The main reason those sites are trusted by Google and the other search engines is because you can’t buy them. Think about that for a minute. There is literally no way you can buy one and because of that, there are not that many. That’s why the search engines have huge trust rank with them and that’s why you should do everything in your power to get a few back links from those sites.

Here’s how to search for them:

For .gov links, you have to do searches like:

For blogs

site:.gov “add comment” OR “post comment”


site:.gov “powered by vbulletin”

Once you find those .gov and .edu, how do you go about commenting on them? For some, you can simply add a comment without approval. Other times, you have to set up a profile before posting any comments. Just make sure it adds value, versus a spam type comment.

Why Press Release Backlinks Rock

Why are press releases powerful? Because they have the potential to get syndicated across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different websites. Many people do not realize how powerful they can actually be to help you gain page 1 rankings. Imagine what would happen to your rankings, if you got an extra 500, 1000 or even more back links per month for you site.

So here’s what you need to actually do. Go to Google and type in quotes, “free press release site”. You will get about 73K in results back. Notice I didn’t mention paid press release sites. Why? Because you don’t need to pay money to get powerful back links. You can submit the same press release to dozens of free press release sites and watch your article go viral. Over time, you should have hundreds, if not thousands of additional links pointing back to your site. Don’t worry about duplicate content, because by their very nature, that is what a press release is going to be. An article distributed to hundreds of places.

This is what you want to happen because you have no control on who’s website your press release will end up on. Some high quality document sharing sites might even pick up certain press releases, giving you even more quality back links. Keep in mind, some press release sites will require you to set up an account first. The idea is to do 1 press release submission every week for 6 to 8 weeks and then check the amount of backlinks that are showing up.

RSS Feed Backlinks

If you have a website, then you are probably aware that you will have an RSS feed. If you are using WordPress, you actually have an RSS feed for your categories as well. There are many people who will submit the RSS feed link to several RSS feed directories and aggregators for backlinks. But here’s where it gets interesting if you understand the power of RSS feeds. Those sites you submit to have trust rank, especially the established ones. The spiders camp out there all day long at those sites.

Advanced RSS Feed Methods

Now here’s the exciting part if you are into SEO and backlinking methods. You can actually create an RSS feed for every post and page on your site. Also, make sure you create an RSS feed for your about and site map page. Why would you do that? Simple, you will then submit each of those links to all the RSS feed directories and aggregators. Imagine getting 20 or 30 high quality back links for each link. Now, we are talking about some real seo link juice.

There are many free RSS feed makers online or you can of course buy one. I don’t have a specific recommendation at this time on which one. But you want the software to be able to create an RSS for every page and be able to auto submit to at least the main RSS feeds. One place that is free is called Ice Rocket. When you go there, sign up for a free account, then click on RSS builder. You can manually add any link you want to create a RSS feed. Then submit that to dozens of RSS places.

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7 thoughts on “3 Highly Effective Back Linking Strategies To Rank Higher”

  1. Another way to get .edu links would be through university or college students themselves. Most universities provide their students their own webpage with- you guessed it- a .edu ending domain. All the student would have to do is put a link for your site on his page:) Hit the computer sciences department or the languages one, convince a student to do it for you. Or just send a message from the university’s Twitter page to one of the followers with yourlink proposition.

  2. Relevant industry also help when come with .edu or .govt. For example cleaning, it might related to environment friendly cleaning and link to relevant conservation .govt site. Or shopping sites, link to Commerce Marketing departments .edu sites. That is what I aim to do for myself.

  3. I have found that SEO methods have brought me the best success thus far. Results arn’t always immediate but are very slow but steady and I feel that they are more sustainable.

  4. Try creating very high quality web pages or blogs with a similar subject as your main website, you want to link to. The key is to create the highest quality page content you can that will sincerely help the online community. Be sure to include some keywords you wish your main site to rank for. Take those keyword text and hyperlink them to your site, and be sure they are “do follow” links. Beware not to over do it, only link 1-2 keywords per page, any more than that and you risk link spam. Just remember, the higher the quality page, the more valuable to the search engines you will be, the more powerful your links will become.

  5. I was looking for info on blogs. Something that doesn’t require people to join up before they can comment on the blog they are reading. Any suggestions.


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