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1 Click Cash Bot by Steven Lee Jones and Ben S is an affiliate marketing software.

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8 thoughts on “1 Click Cash Bot”

  1. Tell me Folks, does this thing actually work? I am in a very desperate situation financially, & badly want direction
    as to how I can make Money with an Affiliate Marketing Software that works.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yap, me too, I tried other products but then I ended up asking for a refund because it never worked. Is this any different from the rest? If someone out there have tried this software, please share your insights. Thanks!

  3. Absolutely the worst training videos I have seen yet!!!! All of these programs are advertised to be user or newbie friendly. Haven’t found many to fit that criteria. These training videos are impossible to follow. I really can’t believe they released them? It almost like they never watched them. Don’t waste your time!! It will just be another refund.

  4. I couldn’t tell from the video…Is this software a way to get people to go to your web site to see a product you have for sale? What if you don’t have a product now. How would you get one?

  5. I have been trying for 3 days to get a couple of questions answered, since there was no way to get the answers from the videos and no one will reply to my emails. The turtorials aren’t nearly enough information.
    Have you noticed there are no phone numbers for support? That is always a bad sign. I am afraid I have been had.

  6. Don’t get sucked in.
    I bought 1 Click Cash Bot and have sent 5 support tickets to them over the last 2 weeks. Nothing ever comes back. I guess I have been caught yet again. The search goes on for someone genuine.
    BTW. Have you noticed this new marketing hype. You can trust me. “I am not like all those other get rich quick artists out there who show off all their flash cars and houses and phony accounts”, and then they go on to show you all their fancy cars and houses that you can have too with only “3” clicks from now. hahahaha.

  7. I used it and pretty good at the beginning. I used the Sniper and upload others’ videos. But finally, my account got suspended. I started to do my own videos. It was pretty good at first. But recently, I couldn’t directly link to Youtube any more. What’s wrong with it?


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