link building


This post is a guest post by Brian Flores

You just finished designing, developing and writing the content for your website. In addition to this, you were proactive each step of the way and made sure that all your on-page SEO ducks were in a row (properly inserting keywords in your title tags, h1 tags, content, alt tags; not excessively using javascript and html; using static and seo-friendly url slugs, followed keyword density best practices etc).

Now, the most difficult step to making sure your website ranks well and is seen by search engine users is linkbuilding. Not only is linkbuilding time-consuming but Google weighs the value of each backlinks differently so you never really know how much a particular backlink will benefit your website. In most cases, though, getting an in-text backlink from a popular and respected website (in the eyes of Google) will help you more than a backlink acquired from an unpopular, unread and un-followed website.

Illustration: BlogArticle marketing is quite an ambiguous concept. When you’re just starting out, the general advice seems to be to write an article and submit it to as many directories as possible. In other words, focus on quantity, not quality. Add article spinning to the mix and article marketing seems to be only good for low quality links for SEO.

Others who have honed their article marketing skills will say you should only submit high quality articles to a few high quality directories. But you can only get so much traffic from a couple of directories. Unfortunately most advice on article marketing I’ve read in most sources ends here.

This post is a guest post by Brian Garvin & Jeff West

Whether you own a website or a blog, there’s a method I’ve already tested and started implementing about 3 weeks ago that will help you harness the power of free blogging services, article directories, web 2.0 sites and video sites to get as many backlinks with page rank as you want. Yes I said literally as much as you want. This method does take some work and time, however, once you build these links they will last forever. And the method I’m about to explain can be implemented 100% free.