This post is a guest post by Dan Edmonson

Launching an online lead generation campaign can be a humbling process. You may have pre-conceived notions of exactly what your target market is, and how they respond to advertising. If you are new to pay per click (PPC) advertising, you will quickly learn that the key ingredient to running a successful campaign is perfecting the art of writing excellent ad copy. You must better your understanding of your prospects, learn to speak their language, and figure out what motivates them. Once you do, you can write ad copy that will motivate them to click on you ad, and hopefully, convert into a lead or sale. The $64,000 question is, “what is good ad copy, and how do I know if I have it?”

This post is a guest post by John Burnside

As many of you will already be aware traffic is the bread and butter of any online business. If you have no one coming to your site then you will have no one seeing what you’re writing or what you have to sell. This is why a lot of people have turned to paid advertising like cost per view or per click so that they can be assured a lot of people will be able to see their advert. The thing with this is that now there are so many people using it that the prices are getting quite high especially in the highly populated niches. Profit margins are being squeezed and so you have to make sure your adverts are getting the most amount of click throughs from the best quality traffic.

Market Samurai is no doubt one of the most popular marketing tools in the Internet marketing community. This multi-purpose tool is the start of most projects to many, including me. Despite being in a constant beta stage, the software built on Adobe AIR (which makes it available on all computer platforms, including PC, Mac and Linux) is reliable and often updated via an auto-update feature.

How many times have you found a great keyword with a keyword tool, a keyword that is supposed to get tons of traffic and has little competition, but once getting ranked for it you’ve got little to no traffic?

Chances are that happened to you once or twice. It has happened to me. A classic example is the keyword “internet marketing tools”. This baby should get 246,000 monthly searches on exact match according to Google’s Keyword Tool. That means even at a 1% CTR being at the bottom of page 1 you should get about 82 visits per day. That looks like a great keyword and with a relatively low competition too.

Traffic OmegaTraffic Omega by Desmond Ong and Molly Dalbec is an unconventional course on traffic generation. Rather than focusing on boring theory about SEO, PPC, PPV and other popular traffic generation methods, the course gives you step-by-step methods that you can follow to the letter to implement and get traffic for your website.