So I’ve been skimming through this month’s upcoming IM product list. Same ol’, same ol’ mostly. I’m too lazy to even write about most of that. But Clickbank Pirate has caught my attention after all. And it’s because I think they have something really useful to offer. I have my concerns about it too though.

Optin Profits VideoOptin Profits by Ewen Chia is not just a course on list building, it’s a whole system with training, tutorials and software. Ewen Chia is well known for his ability to explain complicated things in simple terms, that’s why he is so popular, especially among the beginners. As the old adage goes, money is in the list; this is a system that tries to make it simple.

Here’s a product based around a simple but great idea. Magic List Bot is actually a bundle of 3 programs but in a nutshell its idea is about persistent list building. And to explain what I mean by persistent, let me give you an example.

Membership Blueprints (official site at MembershipBlueprints.com) is a step-by-step guide to building membership websites that bring recurring income from your business.

Created by John and Matt Rhodes who are known to have a lot of experience running membership sites, Membership blueprints is a solid course, for a solid price. Is there a match between its content and price though?

John Reese has just opened Opportunity.com for affiliate marketers. Is it worth the money? What are the advantages of using it? Any disadvantages?

Opportunity.com is introduced as affiliate marketing strategy and promises a great model to create an online business. To some this model may not be new, for others it’s a valuable knowledge. Essentially, this strategy is based around the most lucrative Internet marketing model – email marketing.

CPA (Cost per Action) marketing has a big potential. First of all, to earn the commission, you don’t necessarily have to sell anything, a simple signup with an e-mail can pay you. Secondly, there’s no such thing as refunds in CPA marketing. Once you refer a person to enter their personal information and get a commission for that, that money is yours.

To better understand the science behind CPA networks and CPA marketing, Chris Cobb has created CPA Arbitrage. It introduces the student to the world of CPA, teaches the methods to get traffic specifically for the CPA offers and how to generate those leads for which you get paid for.