This post is a guest post by Julie DelCueto

Analytics and ecommerce have completely changed our outlook on marketing. We’ve forgotten (happily) what it’s like to have the customer walk in, buy and walk out never really knowing if they saw our billboard, heard our radio ad, or were driving by and liked our sign. As easily as breathing, we track our conversions on our PPC campaigns, we measure how much traffic we get from natural search and calculate the ROI on our SEO spend. However, there are still plenty of companies who don’t use their site to sell online in a manner that is traceable via a computer. Many “sales” for online businesses require that they be completed using a fax or a telephone. For example, Prodpromo gets 100% of their business through Internet traffic; they do not have any external sales source. However, not a single transaction is completed online. How can Prodpromo track their sales? Many other types of businesses also have this problem. Any accounting firm, law firm, or doctor might be using the Internet to generate leads, not complete sales. Tracking these types of customers requires a little ingenuity and the implementation of a good phone conversion tracking system.

Market Samurai is no doubt one of the most popular marketing tools in the Internet marketing community. This multi-purpose tool is the start of most projects to many, including me. Despite being in a constant beta stage, the software built on Adobe AIR (which makes it available on all computer platforms, including PC, Mac and Linux) is reliable and often updated via an auto-update feature.

Gunshot MoneyGunshot Money shows how to promote IM products using a unique affiliate marketing method for product launches. The course includes an exact step by step blueprint based on a live, recently launched campaign that has made over $15,000 in one week.

Magic Bullet System

Magic Bullet System is a CPA training course and software from the guys who have made 100k in one day and are making about 14k per day consistently from CPA marketing, Amish Shah and Jay Styles. Why does it matter who is making what and why am I even writing this? The reason is because it shows the potential of this marketing method.