CB PredatorCB Predator is an automation software for Clickbank affiliates that creates an affiliate website and affiliate pages for Clickbank products 99% automatically (with just about 18 clicks). The result websites are search engine optimized to attract long tail traffic.

Illustration: Coins Question MarkSo you’ve built a site, you’re all excited about it, you have big hopes for it to make you a ton of money. But a day passes and you don’t make a cent. You think, “that’s OK, it’s just one day.” But as the times passes, you’re not making any money or making so little that it’s too embarrassing to write about. What went wrong?

There may be many reasons why your site is not making money and I’m gonna go through 5 reasons that I think are the most common. I’ll try to put them in order of importance.

You know what text/article spinners are and what they are used for. Usually article spinning is used to spin articles and submit “unique” spun copies to different article directories and other websites. But what if you wanted to spin the text automatically on your website?

Whitehat CopycatWhitehat Copycat is a plug ‘n’ play package consisting of the exact Copycat site blueprint, proven high converting Copycat site templates, and proven Copycat niches.

You get a working model with all necessary tools needed to setup your own Copycat sites with the exact niches you should target for fast profit.

Instant LP is a very easy to use website builder designed specifically to build landing pages to promote affiliate offers or your own products either through PPC, SEO or other promotion methods. Instant LP comes with hundreds of templates, a very easy to use WYSIWYG editor, and pre-made standard pages, such as privacy policy, terms of use, contact us pages. But despite being easy to use, it still provides advanced features for editing raw HTML…