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Cash Flow Funnel is an interactive 8-week training series that takes you by hand to building a real online business based on an information product sales funnel. Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt is spilling the beans on the formula that he has used to develop a significant online business in under two years.

So I’ve been skimming through this month’s upcoming IM product list. Same ol’, same ol’ mostly. I’m too lazy to even write about most of that. But Clickbank Pirate has caught my attention after all. And it’s because I think they have something really useful to offer. I have my concerns about it too though.

Choosing affiliate programs to promote in your affiliate business is one of the key elements. It’s not rocket science, once you get the niche down and you know people buy stuff in that niche, it all comes down to choosing good products with good commission. But today I’m gonna post some of my thoughts about that perfect affiliate program that would not just add to your portfolio but create a whole new business on its own.

When an Internet Marketing legend like Eben Pagan releases a new course, it’s always big and quality is to be expected. Does Eben deliver this time? What are the pros on cons of Guru Home Study Course.

This time Eben Pagan tell you how to become a guru. There’s no secret, to have success in online  business you have to sell something. While affiliate programs are fine and many affiliates make a living with them, it’s a lot harder than selling your products. Therefore to consider this option is more than a good idea.

John Reese has just opened Opportunity.com for affiliate marketers. Is it worth the money? What are the advantages of using it? Any disadvantages?

Opportunity.com is introduced as affiliate marketing strategy and promises a great model to create an online business. To some this model may not be new, for others it’s a valuable knowledge. Essentially, this strategy is based around the most lucrative Internet marketing model – email marketing.