Internet Marketing


This post is a guest post by Adam Shore

Online marketers constantly face changes in the way they do business. To plan your strategy effectively, you must consider numerous factors. Marketing managers should think about the current process, and what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats may exist with the existing strategy. Topics to consider can include anything from positioning, competition, and consumer behavior in general.

Start by drawing up a basic SWOT analysis of your current processes. While the details will be different for every business, you should think about what they are, and why they are that way.

This post is a guest post by Werner Wichmann

An online marketing company may be one of the best tools you have available to grow your company and increase profits. A skilled professional or company can help you come up with a strategy that gets your brand in front of more people quickly. This is not a one time process, either. When you hire an online marketing company, you should be prepared to work with them in the long term. The company you choose can help you make good choices about how and where you market your brand. Building a solid relationship can help streamline the process, which leads to a better chance for success. The following tips can help you establish a good working relationship with your online marketing company.

This post is a guest post by Tal Baron
Confirmation emails provide a valuable service to the sender. They let those sending emails know the recipient has received the desire email and whether or not it was read. Confirmation of these two facts are important for many reasons. Email marketing can be extremely effective. However, if messages are not received or read it is the equivalent of a message falling on deaf ears.

Understanding Email Confirmations

Email delivery confirmations are especially useful if a contact’s email address has not been determined to be valid. The easiest way to tell if an email has not been received is to receive a “failed delivery” message. However, if such a message is not received an email may still go unread due to “spam catcher” techniques used by many common email services. Some anti-spam software will send a “false failed delivery notice” so that an email address cannot be validated.

This post is a guest post by Dr.Mani

Marketers who use email to communicate with their tribe are eager to monitor and improve their performance. Among the many metrics they closely watch as a measure of the effectiveness of their email marketing is the open rate.

Put simply, email open rate is the number of times your email gets opened by subscribers, expressed as a percentage of the total emails delivered.

This post is a guest post by Noah Mark Rodolfo

Internet Marketing is one of the biggest road block in any online business campaign. You always have to put that extra marketing effort in order to reap small benefits of web traffic. This effort could come from your email campaign, forum interactions, social media connections, search engine optimization and other viral marketing methods such as creating your own e-book.

This post is a guest post by Adam Shore

Novice bloggers frequently experience early setbacks prior to launching a website. Traffic can be disappointing. You might not make enough money to make it seem worth the time. It’s easy to become discouraged after a few disappointing months. You shouldn’t. These are pains almost every blogger deals with in the early going. It can take time to build links, establish domain authority, and attract a loyal audience.

What separates successful bloggers from the rest is the ability to make adjustments.

This post is a guest post by Kevin Moor

Everyone wants a free, easy way to make money online from the privacy of their own home. The good news is that there really are free, easy ways to make money online. The bad news is that many of the fast online “money making opportunities you will find” are actually scams that can often cost you more money than you hoped to make.

It can sometimes be hard to find legitimate moneymaking opportunities. It can be tough to figure out what is legit and what is a scam to take your work, your money or both, but there are guides where you can find good, legitimate ways to make money from the internet.

These legitimate money making opportunities aren’t exhaustive; there truly are many more real ways to make money online than just these.

This post is a guest post by Fergal Glynn

There are tons of social networks, and nearly everyone belongs to at least two. But increasingly, social network activity appears to put users at an increased security risk. A survey by Baracuda Networks reveals that about 13 percent of social media users have had an account hijacked—meaning, an unauthorized user logged in to their account and possibly took unapproved actions on behalf of the account owner.

This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

If you’re not yet tuned into the magic of the blogosphere now is the time to get on board.

If your company is already using tools like social media or email marketing to get in touch with consumers or other businesses, you’re certainly headed in the right direction. If you’re sending out a monthly newsletter via email, or updating a Twitter account a few times a week, you might be missing out on the long-term benefits that blogging has to offer.

This post is a guest post by Joe Lyons

If you think about your brand for a moment, what comes to mind? Do you see your company logo? Perhaps you envision the color scheme you’ve printed on your business cards or the imagery on your website. Maybe you have a catchy jingle or a mascot of some kind.

While these are undeniably important elements of branding any business, the essence of effective branding goes even deeper. It all comes down to this: