This post is a guest post by Lesley DeSantis

Twitter is an excellent social media website that has endless opportunities for businesses looking to promote themselves and their product offerings. In recent years, traditional advertising and marketing has definitely taken a backseat to the evolution of social media. The utilization of blogs and social networking sites has completely changed the way that businesses operate. The development and maintaining of relationships with the public is much more important now than it used to be. Interaction with customers is vital in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Business owners that are aware of this are much more likely to be successful than those who ignore this developing channel of communication. In order to be effective on Twitter, there are several things that businesses need to know. Certain etiquette must be adhered to in this online environment.

This post is a guest post by TheSEOAgency

The power of social media has been proven time and again. It really does work to attract many more people to a business, product or service. It’s even been successfully used to advertise sweepstakes and concerts, promotional events and just about everything and anything in between. Optimizing social media channels – so that they can enjoy improved performance and generate the amount of desirable organic traffic – is instrumental in harnessing the full and unabated power of the social media platforms of today. Furthermore, using social media optimization to your advantage is a powerful tool that can propel an entity forwards into a very prosperous future.

But how do you go about optimizing social media channels? Why is it important? And what can you expect as a result for your efforts?

9 to 5 Annihilation9 To 5 Annihilation is an interactive training course that will show you how to create a whole online business from scratch. The culmination of this course is a brand new site created by the authors during the training along with the students which will serve as a case study and real life example.

TAP Profit FunnelTAP Profit Funnel – a Twitter system, but it’s not about getting thousands of followers and doing nothing else. TAP is a real, proven and simple system created from an affiliate perspective, with the assistance of SMO experts. The course covers Twitter, IM, networks, selecting and promoting offers, calculating conversions, creative copy writing, and so on. It’s easy to learn and implement.

Here’s a product based around a simple but great idea. Magic List Bot is actually a bundle of 3 programs but in a nutshell its idea is about persistent list building. And to explain what I mean by persistent, let me give you an example.