More Google Update Horrors

In yesterdays post on Webmaster Central Blog Google has announced yet more updates to their SE algo which would affect 3.1% of English queries (as well as queries in other languages). The update targets backlink schemes, keyword stuffing and other signals Google didn’t divulge in the post.

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In Chicago? Go to SES 2011!

The world of search engine marketing is always changing, largely because search engines, especially Google, are constantly tweaking their algorithms to make them more able to weed out poor sites and reward excellent ones. No single person could possibly keep up with all the latest developments of the major search engines, marketing strategies and consumer trends, so it’s important for industry professionals to get together to network, discuss the latest developments and take more focused looks at emerging strategies. SES Chicago, the Search Engine Strategies conference and expo being held in Chicago November 14-18, will be a prime opportunity for industry professionals to get together and share insights.

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6 Tips for Better Blog Comment Backlinks

Blog commenting, as a way of building backlinks is not a new idea. It’s been going on for years, but it’s still one of the most powerful components in building a prosperous internet marketing strategy. Not only that, it’s very simple to do. Then why do some people still get it wrong?

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Raising Your Page Rank and Avoiding Duplicate Content

Google is the most used search engine on the web. Most households will set it as their home page and use it for all their searching needs. Businesses should work hard to promote their company pages on Google and reach for the top positions (those being the most frequently viewed). However there are many times when content is duplicated either on purpose or on accident in order to make the top of the list.

Duplicated content is content that is replicated on the same domain or on multiple domains. Sometimes it is purposefully done or on accident. However, duplicating content can considerably lower a business’s rank on Google.

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Increase Free Web Traffic to Your Website by Spending 50% Time on Keyword Research

Dear fellow entrepreneur. Does this sound familiar? We have a great looking website, but little or NO visitors. Now what is a website without traffic? It’s like an old car lying full of dust because nobody uses it.

Any internet marketing business should be based on a step by step ideology specific to search engine optimisation and traffic generation. This actually helps to set a complete foolproof system which would work time and again to fetch flood of free traffic to your website.

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5 Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks: Avoid Getting Your Website Penalized or Banned By Google

You just finished designing, developing and writing the content for your website. In addition to this, you were proactive each step of the way and made sure that all your on-page SEO ducks were in a row (properly inserting keywords in your title tags, h1 tags, content, alt tags; not excessively using javascript and html; using static and seo-friendly url slugs, followed keyword density best practices etc).

Now, the most difficult step to making sure your website ranks well and is seen by search engine users is linkbuilding. Not only is linkbuilding time-consuming but Google weighs the value of each backlinks differently so you never really know how much a particular backlink will benefit your website. In most cases, though, getting an in-text backlink from a popular and respected website (in the eyes of Google) will help you more than a backlink acquired from an unpopular, unread and un-followed website.

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3 Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

They say once something is on the internet its there forever. For businesses, one angry customer’s rant can find eternal life on the web. One bad review, in the wrong place can spread doubt among potential customers. One minor scandal can become a widely misconstrued mess. Whether you’re a company or an individual, we all have to be concerned with what story the web will tell of us. Whether you have some negativity floating around or a lack of a reputation in general there a few simple things that can help rectify the situation.

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