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Gunshot MoneyGunshot Money shows how to promote IM products using a unique affiliate marketing method for product launches. The course includes an exact step by step blueprint based on a live, recently launched campaign that has made over $15,000 in one week.

Google Terminator by Chris Fox is an Internet marketing system based on new product launches in the IM niche. I know this particular method pretty well, I know it works and I also know its challenges, so it’s rather easy for me to evaluate Google Terminator.

I’ve had access to the main product and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. While it covers the method and has nice video tutorials, there a two big problems that make me say so.

TriFilliate PaydayNothing attracts attention better than a little mystery. For instance, I’ve just spent over an hour trying to find more information about TriFilliate PayDay by Jani G, because there’s very little known about it, other than that it’s about promoting product launches.

So how is it different from other products like that (and there are a few)? Jani G says he was able to make a very good commission by promoting Google Sniper launch and that he did it without using a list, SEO, PPC, JV partners or any paid traffic. So how on earth did he do it?