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This post is guest post by Roman

Vimeo doesn’t stop experiencing explosive growth in online world especially the service Vimeo views which serves to gain as many views as you need for the promotion of your video.

Positioning a community of professional creators of high-quality video Vimeo is a leading limited liability company in the field of video-sharing industry. Vimeo’s contacts are free from commercialism. You are not allowed to upload anything not created by the user. It’s a community of positive people who really respect the videos you make. Vimeo offers you two kinds of options. The free option comprises one HD video a week, 500MB of upload space per week and other staff. The Vimeo Plus account, $59.95 a year, nets you 5GB per week.

This post is a guest post by Jamie Wright

We’ve all seen videos on YouTube that have made us laugh, cry, cringe and state in amazement, and then we have all noticed that, at the end, these videos contain some kind of message – a call to action maybe, a logo for a website or a product that could be of use. The thing is, most of the time these videos are advertising a large company – someone like Amazon, Ford or Apple – and not a small family run company stuck in the back woods of Idaho or Montana.

This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

The prevalence of cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate. Services that were once only available to large businesses with expansive budgets can now be utilized by smaller companies without the resources to hire outside agencies or hire a specialized team. Microsoft Office 365 gives subscribers all the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange server, plus collaboration software and the ability to view and edit documents from mobile devices without requiring business owners to hire an administrator to oversee the software. Likewise, there are several marketing tools offered through the cloud that can give small and medium businesses more control over their campaigns and will simplify the process enough that even smallest companies can start a marketing initiative and see results.

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