This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

Coming up with an idea for a product that is sure to take the market by storm is only half your battle as an entrepreneur. You also need to know how to market your product so that it flies off the shelves and into your customers’ hands. A failure to effectively market your product can result in few or no sales, which is certainly not the path to take when aiming for success. Know your product and your audience and you should find your way to success with little difficulty.

It is no secret that the main part of this blog is the product review section. In this section people share their experience with products they’ve used. New products are listed for reviews as they are launched on the market. It is moderating these reviews that gives me a unique insight into what is going on in the IM marketplace.

And it’s not pretty. In fact, I can no longer recall the last time there has been a positive review on a product released in the past few months. It’s all the same story – broken promises and shattered dreams. What’s worse, I can also see the trend in the consumer mentality and where it’s heading – it’s not pretty either.

I feel many readers would benefit if I explained how to tell if a product is good or not before buying it. It is important to do due diligence before buying any product but in case of “make money online” products there’s either little to no information, the information is misleading or marketing is too compelling to resist.

Here’s what you have to know before buying:

“I’ve spent years trying to make money online, I’ve spent thousands on make money products, but I’ve never made a penny online”. Sounds familiar? I’ve seen statements like that countless times, and I’ve realized all of them have something in common. Something that prevents these people from making money regardless of how many years they put into it.

Coincidentally I’ve started making money within days of starting online. And I haven’t spent a cent to do it. What did I do different than all these people who dedicate time and money and still can’t make it?

The first natural reaction to any “I can’t make money” statement is to explain it in simple lack of knowledge. But what are the odds of a person spending years to learn something and learning absolutely nothing? And it’s widespread as well. No, there has to be something else.

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