This post is a guest post by Tynnisha Hamilton

You know those little meta keyword tags that you work so hard to fill with meaningful words related to your business? Well, according to Matt Cutts, a Google Software Engineer, they’re useless when it comes to Googles organic search results. In fact, Google is ignoring these tags completely when ranking sites in their search results.

How many times have you found a great keyword with a keyword tool, a keyword that is supposed to get tons of traffic and has little competition, but once getting ranked for it you’ve got little to no traffic?

Chances are that happened to you once or twice. It has happened to me. A classic example is the keyword “internet marketing tools”. This baby should get 246,000 monthly searches on exact match according to Google’s Keyword Tool. That means even at a 1% CTR being at the bottom of page 1 you should get about 82 visits per day. That looks like a great keyword and with a relatively low competition too.

IMeyeIM Eye is a new and very unique keyword research tool from Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton. The main difference from other keyword tools is that IMEye allows you to search keywords by criteria as opposed to searching by seed keyword.

This post is a guest post by Darrell.

If you have ever tried to make money online, then you know how difficult it can be to utilize the right keyword strategy and make money online. How do you know if your niche is profitable?

Remember, the foundation of being successful online is picking the right keyword terms. Too many people make the big mistake and try to take top level mega keywords like make money. Lets just clear this up right now before we move forward. Stop chasing big keywords when you are a newbie. You are wasting your valuable time. Enough said about that, now lets discuss some specifics on analyzing if your niche market is profitable.

Web 2.0 Keyword FinderWeb 2.0 Keyword Finder searches for your keywords in the top 20 Web 2.0 sites, returning those that are available to be registered.

You just type in your chosen keyword, choose which sites you want to search, click the search button; it goes out to search all the sites and within seconds tells you which ones are open to be registered. Next, from right the software, you simply click on a link and register your new Web 2.0 property within seconds.

Pay Per Click traffic is one of the most effective ways to get highly targeted visitors to your website. It’s fast and there’s loads of it. The only problem is that it usually costs an arm and leg, especially in Adwords.

And yet I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times all these gurus rambling on how they can get 5-cent clicks even in the most competitive niches, as if they have some unadvertised cheap payment plan. Truth be told, there is no secret payment plan, everything comes down to keywords you bid on. There are in fact cheap keywords in any niche you can possibly think of and you can get them.

PPC BullyEarlier this year I wrote about PPC Bully 2 when it was first released. PPC spying programs and services are aplenty, but PPC Bully managed to improve things, especially in the international front where most other services were lacking.

The big drawback was its price – not many could agree with $2k price tag, as good as service was.