This post is a guest post by Tom Demers

There seem to be two distinct groups when it comes to senior users in the computer world. There are those baby boomers who love learning all the newest technology available to them and then there is the group that just doesn’t want to learn anything new at all. This second group usually consists of people who were not very good students in school, or had problems reading. Very few people understand that not being able to read or write proficiently can cause a great deal of anxiety for seniors who are too embarrassed to admit they may not read very well. Although this may seem like a minority of people with this problem, it might be a good idea to gently find out if this is one reason your older parent or friend may not want to learn how to use the internet. There are many classes in senior centers that might address this very issue.

This post is a guest post by Adam Shore

Novice bloggers frequently experience early setbacks prior to launching a website. Traffic can be disappointing. You might not make enough money to make it seem worth the time. It’s easy to become discouraged after a few disappointing months. You shouldn’t. These are pains almost every blogger deals with in the early going. It can take time to build links, establish domain authority, and attract a loyal audience.

What separates successful bloggers from the rest is the ability to make adjustments.

This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

If you’re not yet tuned into the magic of the blogosphere now is the time to get on board.

If your company is already using tools like social media or email marketing to get in touch with consumers or other businesses, you’re certainly headed in the right direction. If you’re sending out a monthly newsletter via email, or updating a Twitter account a few times a week, you might be missing out on the long-term benefits that blogging has to offer.

This post is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor

Blogging is an interesting career if you do it well.

One good thing about this business model is that you can easily express your deepest thoughts, share you passion and build a strong business relationships that lead to sale.

But until you dominate your niche, making money online from a blog isn’t going to be easy. I’ve come to share some vital strategies to help you understand who your potential customers are, and how to please them.

This post is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor

Content is king, we all know that.

But there can never be a king without a lovely wife! So, we need to find a wife for our content by match-making both content and marketing together.
What do we get, “Content Marketing?”

Here, I want to reveal some amazing tips to take your blog to the next level. Content marketing is going to transform your internet business and bring you fresh prospects, fame and money, big time.

But first, let’s paraphrase the quo.

Content is king, marketing is queen!

This post is a guest post by Brett Alan

I’ve always had trouble generating a consistent monthly income from my blog. You see, unlike the dozens of stories I’ve read from bloggers whose efforts result in a continual snow ball of income that continues to grow month after month, my blogging income has been a lot more up and down. Two steps forward, two steps back has been a common theme for me. Feast to famine.