This post is a guest post by Jamie Wright

We’ve all seen videos on YouTube that have made us laugh, cry, cringe and state in amazement, and then we have all noticed that, at the end, these videos contain some kind of message – a call to action maybe, a logo for a website or a product that could be of use. The thing is, most of the time these videos are advertising a large company – someone like Amazon, Ford or Apple – and not a small family run company stuck in the back woods of Idaho or Montana.

TriFilliate PaydayNothing attracts attention better than a little mystery. For instance, I’ve just spent over an hour trying to find more information about TriFilliate PayDay by Jani G, because there’s very little known about it, other than that it’s about promoting product launches.

So how is it different from other products like that (and there are a few)? Jani G says he was able to make a very good commission by promoting Google Sniper launch and that he did it without using a list, SEO, PPC, JV partners or any paid traffic. So how on earth did he do it?