The Magic Moment Of Making Your First Money Online

Lots of people are so close to start making money online…

It seems more and more people try to make money online and more and more people fail to make money online. But they are so close to that magic moment…


Do you know how a waterpump works? You have to pump it hard, until the water starts flowing, but after that it is easy. Most beginners “pump” money to the level where it is almost flowing and then they say:
“No, this is not going to work even in a period of million years, I give up!”
They stop right before the magic moment. If they continued working, they would achieve their results really fast. They just need to put a little bit more efforts.

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How To Set Goals Properly And Keep Yourself Motivated

It all starts with a compelling goal. Without a compelling goal you can’t really achieve anything big in your life or get a lot of from your life. Setting a compelling goal is one of the most important elements in time management, because that’s what keeps you motivated and encourages you to take a massive amount of action.

What is your destiny?

I am going to ask you to take a peace of paper and write everything that you would like to have and achieve. List everything, no matter if it’s realistic for you to achieve these goals or not. Don’t worry about that. You have to write for at least 5 minutes. If you can, write longer. The longer you do this, the better goal you are going to get.

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