The Internet Marketing Mindset – Are You Going To Succeed?

Internet Marketing has a very high rate of failure. It is a fact that many people who start out in this business never get past the first few weeks, and even fewer will stick with it more than a year.

Of those that do manage to stick with it for more than a year, fewer still will become truly rich from their endeavours although they may manage to make a pretty good income over time.

Is Internet Marketing any more difficult than starting a brick and mortar business down the street?

The short answer to this question is absolutely not!

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Why You Will Never Make Any Money Online?

“I’ve spent years trying to make money online, I’ve spent thousands on make money products, but I’ve never made a penny online”. Sounds familiar? I’ve seen statements like that countless times, and I’ve realized all of them have something in common. Something that prevents these people from making money regardless of how many years they put into it.

Coincidentally I’ve started making money within days of starting online. And I haven’t spent a cent to do it. What did I do different than all these people who dedicate time and money and still can’t make it?

The first natural reaction to any “I can’t make money” statement is to explain it in simple lack of knowledge. But what are the odds of a person spending years to learn something and learning absolutely nothing? And it’s widespread as well. No, there has to be something else.

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