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Gunshot MoneyGunshot Money shows how to promote IM products using a unique affiliate marketing method for product launches. The course includes an exact step by step blueprint based on a live, recently launched campaign that has made over $15,000 in one week.

Cash Flow Funnel is an interactive 8-week training series that takes you by hand to building a real online business based on an information product sales funnel. Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt is spilling the beans on the formula that he has used to develop a significant online business in under two years.

IM Sutra – When you create a niche product, how do you increase your perceived authority before you even start selling? IM Sutra explains in video tutorials how to do that. IM Sutra also teaches how to build a responsive list of buyers by helping your competitors, and how to make them your partners when you launch your product. How to increase the number of times you can mail to one subscriber from one email a day to 5 emails a day, without being seen as a spammer.

Almost all IM courses teach you how to do affiliate marketing – that’s the easiest way to make money online. But that’s just the first level of Internet marketing.

Most affiliate marketers start off with affiliate marketing and learn the ins and outs of the business. The next step they take is their own product, whether in IM niche or any other where they have knowledge. At this stage, they recruit other affiliates to promote their products and by that they sell without lifting a finger – all they have to do now is take care of their customers. The average revenues are undoubtedly much higher when selling your own product than working as an affiliate.