This post is a guest post by Edgar Boutaric

If you are a seasoned blogger you surely have pass through some moments where you just can’t find something to write. Indeed this situation is very common to a lot of person and is commonly known as the writer’s block. Fortunately there are some small tips that exist to help you deal with this situation and this is what we will be looking at in this article.

Do not set too high standard

Be careful here. I am not saying that you should write some junk content but rather that you should not pressurize yourself to write the most beautiful piece of content. Just make sure that you write the content in order to get your creative juice flowing. You will take care of the grammar and the punctuations later.

This post is a guest post by Bailey Digger

It’s probably one of the few professions that is recession-proof because no matter what happens, people will still tune in to the web to check out what’s going on with the rest of the world and to get their daily dose of social networks and blogs. Writing may not be a very lucrative career but it does more than pay the bills. And as long as you stay current and continue to find ways to market yourself, you don’t have anything to worry about. Marketing yourself as a writer is not that hard as long as you make the effort to do it consciously by:

This post is a guest post by Corry Cummings

Many people are realizing the revenue potential in selling goods and services online. However, selling products online will require you to create high-quality content. Creating content that is both compelling and informational is essential if you wish to project a professional image and make a steady income selling products. The following strategies will allow you to sell a wide variety of products by creating quality, focused content.

Illustration: Fountain PenI don’t consider myself an expert in copywriting, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to writing a copy that should convert readers to action takers, and that seems to work for me at least to get people to subscribe to my email lists at a decent rate, so I figure it does work.

Below are the most important copywriting tips that I try to always implement.

This post is a guest post by Frank Lee.

So, you’ve got a great blog with a top-notch design brimming with excellent content. You take a peek at your traffic stats and you see that you haven’t gained as many visitors as you would have liked, maybe it even dipped down a bit. While taking the ‘you write it and they will come’ approach looks good on paper, in the real world you have to face the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, all competing to be read. Don’t be discouraged though, I’ve been through that as well but with a bit of Web 2.0 elbow grease and some solid web marketing techniques, you will see your traffic rise up slowly but steadily over time. So get your writing game on and let’s get started!