August 2010


I hate spammers and thieves. A funny thing happens when your blog starts getting attention. You get traffic and high Google rankings, but you also get all the scum that the Internet marketing industry seems to breed.

Normally I ignore them. Blog posts are being stolen all the time, that’s the reality of blogging and you have to learn to live with it. And it’s easy to do – usually that doesn’t have any negative impact for you. But sometimes it has.

Illustration: EmailWhat does blogging and list building have in common? Judging from most blogs out there I would say not much – most bloggers aren’t building a list. And that’s a shame as they’re missing out on one of the best, if not the best, way to monetize their blog.

I think there are two main reasons why most bloggers overlook list building. One, because they associate email marketing with spamming and don’t want to associate themselves with it; and two, they think that a blog makes email marketing obsolete. Perhaps there’s also the third reason – they don’t know the first thing about list building to do it.

This post is a guest post by Brandon Rhodes

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media promotion outlets, email marketing seems like more and more of an old-fashioned technique. However, even though email marketing isn’t the most glamorous weapon in any business’ new customer acquisition arsenal, it’s still a great tool for bringing in new customers, or giving your existing customers a reason to return.

Here are a few tips on how any business can start their own email marketing efforts, without sacrificing any features or functionality, and without having to part with too much cash.