Making Money Online – Where to Start?

Illustration: StartMost of the material on the make money online topic out there is backwards. When they are supposed to start teaching people how to make money, they start with methods or techniques. They tell you how SEO works, how to build links, how to use PPC, what monetization for your site to use, and so on. I’m guilty of that myself too. So let’s step back for a minute and go back to the roots of the problem.

The first step is very important because if you don’t get it right, everything you build has no foundation and will fall apart sooner than later. Sadly this is exactly the main reason why most beginners fail.

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Top 5 Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Illustration: Fountain PenI don’t consider myself an expert in copywriting, but I do know a thing or two when it comes to writing a copy that should convert readers to action takers, and that seems to work for me at least to get people to subscribe to my email lists at a decent rate, so I figure it does work.

Below are the most important copywriting tips that I try to always implement.

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