Google has updated the Webmaster Tools and the main focus of this update is search query data. Specifically, it now gives access to all search queries that your websites appear for in the organic search listings as well as the impression and CTR data for them. That’s a huge amount of information that is close to what you get in Adwords for your PPC campaigns.

So what that means to us Internet marketers? Until now, we only had broad estimates of click through rates we had from the SERPs, and only if we ran PPC campaigns for the same keywords could we have had more accurate data. Regardless of that, we had no ability to see the exact CTR nor properly test our listing copy for improvement.

In my last post I’ve been talking about how the nofollow attribute affects the Page Rank flow through your website and to external links. But is Page Rank really important to even pay attention to it? After all, even Google seems to be paying little to no attention to it in their advice to us. The answer, I think, is two fold. It all depends on where you stand as a webmaster.

Illustration: PageRank Bar Under LensePeople take SEO too loosely. It is a science in one way or another, there are some rules provided by Google (and other search engines playing a catch up) and the rules are to be followed strictly in order to achieve the right results. And it’s supposed to be a given to follow them, if you want to succeed anyway.