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The Change

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With this unique and very original blog post title I want to announce what you’ve already noticed – the new design and re-branding of my little internet marketing blog. I’ve neglected it long enough and decided it needs a little face-lifting. is from now on Why the name change? I never really liked madimmarketing because it was not very describing or unique, it didn’t make any statement. There was nothing “mad” about this blog for sure. The IMmer, on the other hand is, well, self describing and for once I like the name.

So, what now? I intend to post more content and update this post more frequently. I want to add more up to date resources for the internet marketers and share more ideas. The review side of the blog keeps listing the new products as they are being launched into the market, but it has not been active as far as the user reviews. I want to change that as well, although that will be a challenge.

That’s it for this announcement, long live The IMmer!

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