This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

Running a business is complicated and becomes even more as the company grows. It becomes increasingly important that those in charge establish rules and set precedents in potentially troubling or complex areas, especially regarding legal matters. It doesn’t matter if a business operates domestically, internationally or both; there need to be safeguards in place to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation. Having a reliable legal team is valuable not only for getting a company out of tough legal situations, but in helping ensure it doesn’t get into them in the first place. Every policy should be run by the company’s attorneys to make sure it is consistent and viable. Some areas that should be considered are usage rights, contracts and social media. Each area leads to companies spending millions of dollars on legal action every year because of a lack of prevention.

CB Fortune is a business in a box based on promoting Clickbank products. But it’s not just another PLR product, it is very similar to Clickbank Pirate.

The idea is to provide Internet marketers (usually beginners) with all the promotional material needed to create attractive affiliate offers. In other words to do more than most vendors provide for their affiliates (especially beginners).

The League of Extraordinary MindsThe League of Extraordinary Minds by Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham is a unique product, in fact I don’t recall seeing something like this before. It’s a series of interviews with 53 most prominent business advisors who work or have worked for companies like Yahoo, Wells Fargo, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, just to name a few. And most importantly, the main content comes free (not even a credit card required, just your name and email).

Outsource Method VideoSuccess in business is all about scaling. And that especially is true in online business. If you can make $1,000, all it takes to make a million is to replicate the process 1,000 times. But one man can only do so much. That is why almost any successful online entrepreneur will tell you that their key to success was outsourcing.