This post is a guest post by Julie Anne Eason

Lots of beginning affiliate marketers are attracted to free online blogs like Wordpress.com and Blogspot because they’re so simple to set up and use. You just follow the prompts and you’re ready to add advertising links in a matter of minutes. But the truth is a self-hosted blog isn’t really any harder to set up. It’s just that the hosting companies don’t walk you through the steps like the blog platforms do. But there are several important reasons why you should self-host your money-making blog.

Illustration: EmailWhat does blogging and list building have in common? Judging from most blogs out there I would say not much – most bloggers aren’t building a list. And that’s a shame as they’re missing out on one of the best, if not the best, way to monetize their blog.

I think there are two main reasons why most bloggers overlook list building. One, because they associate email marketing with spamming and don’t want to associate themselves with it; and two, they think that a blog makes email marketing obsolete. Perhaps there’s also the third reason – they don’t know the first thing about list building to do it.

This post is a guest post by Frank Lee.

So, you’ve got a great blog with a top-notch design brimming with excellent content. You take a peek at your traffic stats and you see that you haven’t gained as many visitors as you would have liked, maybe it even dipped down a bit. While taking the ‘you write it and they will come’ approach looks good on paper, in the real world you have to face the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, all competing to be read. Don’t be discouraged though, I’ve been through that as well but with a bit of Web 2.0 elbow grease and some solid web marketing techniques, you will see your traffic rise up slowly but steadily over time. So get your writing game on and let’s get started!

AIS BlueprintAIS Blueprint or Automated Income Stream Blueprint by Chris Cobb is a product that was originally created for his private clients. During the period of development the same clients have dictated what should be included. Why that is important is because the result product has a much better bond with the user than a product created solely by an expert.