Michael Cheney is opening the doors to his personal training called Delta Squadron. So let’s see what he has to offer, the pros and cons of this opportunity.

Michael Cheney is a known Internet marketer so you’d expect he’s capable of teaching you this stuff. If at first the name of this product sounds weird, watch the second free video (in Las Vegas) and you’ll see what he’s doing – pretty clever. It’s good to see someone who practices what he preaches, and not just teaching the inapplicable theory.

Membership Blueprints (official site at is a step-by-step guide to building membership websites that bring recurring income from your business.

Created by John and Matt Rhodes who are known to have a lot of experience running membership sites, Membership blueprints is a solid course, for a solid price. Is there a match between its content and price though?

I wasn’t gonna write anything about Michael Jones’ latest creation called Clickbank Code but seeing hordes of affiliate zombies spamming it all over the Internet I must write a post even if it’s just for the sake of my sanity.

To cut long story short, Clickbank Code is a straight ripoff of another product released in August last year (2008), Commission Blueprint. Here’s a great video on Youtube comparing the two (don’t mind the promotion of Commission Blueprint in this one, it does a good job showing some proof nonetheless).

CPA is hot these days and no wonder that savvy entrepreneurs not only cash in by promoting CPA offers, they cash in by teaching others as well. Some do good job, some don’t. And today I want to review a product that I think does a really good job teaching you the art of CPA.

CPA Ninja is a set of DVDs and manuals that you will receive to your door should you decide to get it. The authors, Marty Rozmanith and Matt Trainer are known in this market, they also are helped by a guy who claims having $100k net profit days regularly, Amish Shah. Marty Rozmanith is also famous for his Wordpress Direct service which plays a big part in CPA Ninja course too.

PPC Bully was around for a while now and ever since the beginning it left me a very good impression. It’s one of many keyword “spying” services out there, but its functionality was always among the best.

PPC Bully is a service that allows you to enter a bunch of keywords and it would track the ads that appear on Google for those keywords. In other words, it tracks the competition. With the data that PPC Bully provides you can tell which ads were running for how long and assuming that advertisers would not hold their unprofitable ads up long, you can tell which ads are profitable. This information gives you some market intelligence as to what keywords, ads and landing pages might convert and what might not perform that well.

When an Internet Marketing legend like Eben Pagan releases a new course, it’s always big and quality is to be expected. Does Eben deliver this time? What are the pros on cons of Guru Home Study Course.

This time Eben Pagan tell you how to become a guru. There’s no secret, to have success in online  business you have to sell something. While affiliate programs are fine and many affiliates make a living with them, it’s a lot harder than selling your products. Therefore to consider this option is more than a good idea.

John Reese has just opened for affiliate marketers. Is it worth the money? What are the advantages of using it? Any disadvantages? is introduced as affiliate marketing strategy and promises a great model to create an online business. To some this model may not be new, for others it’s a valuable knowledge. Essentially, this strategy is based around the most lucrative Internet marketing model – email marketing.