September 2011


It is no secret that the main part of this blog is the product review section. In this section people share their experience with products they’ve used. New products are listed for reviews as they are launched on the market. It is moderating these reviews that gives me a unique insight into what is going on in the IM marketplace.

And it’s not pretty. In fact, I can no longer recall the last time there has been a positive review on a product released in the past few months. It’s all the same story – broken promises and shattered dreams. What’s worse, I can also see the trend in the consumer mentality and where it’s heading – it’s not pretty either.

This post is a guest post by Nan Gibbons

In these days of website banner ads, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other Internet-based marketing options, some less advanced marketing methods seem to have fallen by the wayside. Billboards, direct mail and informational pamphlets aren’t often thought of as useful contributions to a company’s marketing campaigns, but if used correctly each method can not only be a viable advertising avenue, but also contribute to the business’s online advertising actions. Direct mail, in particular, can add value not often considered by business owners. There are some general rules about direct mail marketing that advertisers need to keep in mind to help prevent their mailers from being thrown away, but if followed properly they can bring several benefits that can be unavailable to those using solely Internet-based advertising.